First off, can I ask you a few questions?
Do you struggle with the Food Thing?

Below is a list of 15 Questions taken from the Over-Eaters Anonymous Website:

Have you answered “yes” to several of these questions? If so, it is possible that you have, or are well on your way to having, a compulsive eating or overeating problem.


Oh yeah!  I get it!

I spent my lifetime trapped in fat, embarrassment, hiding, and unrelenting, body-shaming.

Along the way, I discovered methods that can truly help the compulsive over-eater.


Picture of woman looking into the horizon

Food Freedom is on the Horizon!

Hello my name is Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert

I am in my 6th decade of life and I have lost and gained 100’s of pounds in the course of my life.

My size 16 skirt was getting tight! I had kept off 70 lbs for 5 years and here I was a weight loss expert and I was gaining weight fast!  The more I tried to get in control, the more I gained.  It hasn’t been easy for me.  I yo-yo with my weight a bunch!  If it weren’t for the things I have learned along the way of my FAT to THIN, journey, I wouldn’t have been able to call myself a FOOD FREEDOM EXPERT.


Rose Black is certified as an NLP Coach, and practitioner of may tools and modalities like Hypnosis, Visualization, Tapping and more.  Rose has created a unique blend in her own style that makes Food Freedom within your reach.

You may pick up that ONE THING or even TWO OR THREE THINGS that will catapult you toward PERMANENT FOOD FREEDOM.

Here is what my clients say:
  • “No more cravings for Carl’s Jr Hamburgers!”  It’s a miracle! – Keryn
  • “What did you do to me? I no longer crave desserts after dinner since we “TAPPED” on a chocolate craving and I have kept off 25 lbs for over 5 years!” Tina
  • “I never thought I would lose the desire for cookie dough!  I used to buy it at the grocery store and eat it straight out of the tub before I got home!” Thank you!  Roslyn
  • “My cravings for all sugar are gone which I never dreamed possible.  We tapped on the bag of M&M’s and that worked, but what was amazing is that I have no desire of candy of any kind anymore! ! I have lost 15 lbs in just a few months! – Amanda
  • “I am a BIG FAT LOSER!  I lost 90 lbs!”  Bruce 


I don’t know for sure what you may be needing in order to achieve your weight loss goals.

Maybe it is to be able to pick yourself up from the floor after playing with the kids. Or maybe you just want to stop that night time eating.  Whether it is a few pounds or a lot of pounds, I may be able to help.


Let’s talk! It’s FREE!

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Here's to your success! Rose