Are you Ready to Win at Losing?


Are you like the millions of us who are trying to lose weight again, and again?  Year after year?

You know it shouldn’t be this hard.  After all, you are your own best weight loss manager.  You have probably tried every single diet known to woman. Yet, you continue to combat the food temptations, year after year; and they are keeping you stuck in the lose/gain cycle, year after endless year.
Getting older, but not wiser it seems when it comes to weight loss. The truth is THIS:  It is not our fault! Food temptations are at every turn. Billboards, television, and every corner of ever city seems to offer food! Then there is check out stand where more last minute temptations are beckoning to you.  Eventually, we give in to the temptation!  Yet there are “the more normal slimmer eaters” who seem to be able to pass up temptations easily.  Why not us?
Maybe there is a simple reason why you haven’t been able to stick and stay with your weight loss efforts in the past.
You might say, I have no willpower, or I am just a failure at getting down to the size I want. You may be wishing  you could have a “Normal” reaction to the food, instead of that constant pull.
It may be something as simple as this: You have a food craving for something that you have given a meaning to. The only problem is that food can’t satisfy loneliness, boredom, joy or bring you happiness.
After you have eaten that food item, you may find that you are still lonely, bored and unhappy.  It’s crazy really. Now there are 2 problems.
What if you could change your association to that food?  And, there was a way to change it in a way that wouldn’t cause you to reach for it every time you have a feeling?
Never again feeling hopeless, insecure and unhappy because you have binged on that dessert!
You will never again have to feel like a worthless failure, either, because I will show you how to remove that guilt while TAPPING away the craving.  In just 30 minutes, we can change your association to that main trigger food, so that you can begin to shift your mindset the east was,
There are many people who have had great success. They gave my methods a try and many have enjoyed PERMANENT WEIGHT LOSS.  Many are simply happy to have toned down the temptations to a manageable level.
You may be like one of my clients, Alice, who couldn’t stop eating “Reeses Peanut Butter Cups.”  She found herself  reaching in her desk drawer several times per day for a candy fix.  Months late, she told me she couldn’t believe that her desire for the candy was totally gone after just 1 QUICK TAP.
Or, Marilyn, who loved eating Saturday morning breakfast’s out with her husband. Her favorite was a cheesy omelette,  hash browns, biscuits and gravy!  After just one “Quick Tap” she now has no desire for eating that fat laden breakfast. Thousands of calories saved!!
If you can answer yes to this, then I may be able to help you:
  • Is there a particular food that you just can’t seem to let go of?
  • Is your favorite food, sabotaging your weight loss efforts?
  • Could you save THOUSANDS OF CALORIES by just eliminating ONE of your  “go-to foods” that tripped you up in the past?
Great! then read on…
Have you heard of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or TAPPING (for short)?
If you have not, let me just explain it really quick. TAPPING is a super easy method that is used to changing the emotional connection we have to food or a situation.
Anyone can follow along with me as I lead you over the phone.  It is simple. You will simply tap with your fingertips on the TAPPING POINTS  as I guide you through the process, during our Quick Tap Phone Session.
The proof for you that it works is in the testing we do after each TAPPING ROUND as we check in with your desire level for that food.  I have never met anyone who wasn’t surprised at how quickly it worked.
Here is my deal for you:
If you want to succeed in 2018 and get rid of some food cravings, guilt & shame, then lets talk!
I am offering $60 QUICK TAPS for anyone who desires to knock out those cravings for good.
This will be a 30 minute phone call and you will receive a recording of your session!
  • “No more cravings for Carl’s Jr Hamburgers!”  It’s a miracle! – Keryn
  • “What did you do to me? I no longer crave desserts after dinner since we “TAPPED” on a chocolate craving and I have kept off 25 lbs for over 5 years!” Tina
  • “I never thought I would lose the desire for cookie dough!  I used to buy it at the grocery store and eat it straight out of the tub before I got home!” Thank you!  Roslyn
  • “My cravings for all sugar are gone which I never dreamed possible.  We tapped on the bag of M&M’s and that worked, but what was amazing is that I have no desire of candy of any kind anymore! ! I have lost 15 lbs in just a few months! – Amanda
Rose Black, has struggled with the weight loss / weight gain her entire life.  She has spent a lifetime, studying and searching what works and what doesn’t.  She knows EXACTLY how to lose and EXACTLY how to gain. One thing for certain, is that she can teach you how to make reaching your weight loss goals, much easier.
I want to help you stick and stay with your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals! 
What is the food that you would like to eliminate for good?
Then, lets get together and schedule a time to talk.
I am offering $60 QUICK TAPS for anyone who desires to knock out those cravings for good.
This will be a 30 minute phone call and you will receive a recording of your session!
My calendar may fill up soon, so please reserve your session right away!
If you are interested, click right here and schedule your QUICK TAP SESSION right away for details!
What are your weight loss goals for 2018?
What if you could make it easy for yourself, this year?
Sticking on your diet may be easier than you think as you let go of those foods, that sabotaged your efforts in the past.
Why not follow the link below and set up a time and schedule your QUICK TAP SESSION. It is just $60 for a short while.  It may be the best investment you could ever make.
Rose Black
Rose Black
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