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My Dreadful Anxiety Vanished in MINUTES!

Have you ever?

  • Felt anxious?
  • Been overcome by Food Cravings?
  • Stress?
  • Experienced Pain, Headache, nervousness?
  • PTSD?

What if there were a special technique that you could use as often as you like to instantly remove an unwanted issue or emotion so that you could lose the weight that’s been holding you back from living the life of your dreams?

What would it be like to…

  • Feel lighter?
  • Lose Weight?
  • Less Stress?

My FAVORITE technique is “TAPPING” or EFT-Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

Tapping Points Chart

Karate Chop – Even though I have this (Problem), I deeply and completely, love and accept myself


After attending my first “Tapping” Training in Dallas, Texas, I had this amazing experience!


Chronic Backache GONE in a second!

My husband and I were sitting at a stop light in downtown, rush hour, traffic in Dallas, TX in 2006. He complained about his aching back.  We had 5 days of driving ahead of us and we were concerned how this would affect our site-seeing as we drove home to Spokane, Wa.

Against his wishes, I decided to “Tap” on him anyway! To my amazement, the backache was gone in just a few seconds!  It has never returned!!His chronic back pain that used to take a chiropractor months of therapy, plus muscle relaxers and pain pills, is now all behind him!


What people are saying:

“Tina from Spokane, WA, had a chocolate craving released in just a 20 minute practice session and her desire for all desserts simply vanished!  Tina lost 20 lbs in a few months.  A few months later while on a week long cruise, Tina lost another 5 lbs!”

Fritz, Wisconsin, was suffering from face pain from an old injury that $50,000 in surgeries could not fix. It was discovered that his Face Pain was a direct result of Anger flaring up.  It had become so severe that he could barely eat or talk with me on the phone. By the end of the first session, he was able to move and talk freely.  By the 2nd session, he was totally free from pain and could do the “tapping” on his own to control future flare-ups.

Leashia from Okanogan, WA says: “I was suffering from a terrible headache and had a long flight ahead of me.  Rose “tapped” with me and within a few minutes the pain vanished!”  She also showed me how to do this on myself and I use it frequently.  It really helps a lot!”

Don’t suffer another food craving, anxiety attack or ache or pain! – Before we can get to the FAT issues, we must take care of the pain, anxiety and issues that are holding you back!

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