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I Could not Stop Eating …

UNTIL…I learned what to eat, how to eat and when to eat.  It took years and years, but today I can now wear all the clothes I love instead of just what fits.  The ones that fit were always, drab, black dark colors, consisting of stretchy sweat pants and huge t-shirts.

My first binge came after dad put me on my first diet at age 12.  I will never forget the day the diet was over and I couldn’t stop gobbling up the holiday cookies!  My pattern had begun.  Don’t eat all day, and by dinner I was starving and was over-eating.

I became a sneak eater.  I had a belief it was not ok for me to eat. Eating daintily in public, and gorging myself in secret. Like the time standing at the kitchen window, while keeping an eye out in case someone pulled into the drive.

I was either on a diet or off the diet. I was either gaining or losing. I was obsessed.  Obsessed with my body, the weight and the food.

It Took Years, but I Began Finding Solutions

I hired many coaches, and worked many programs. I tried every diet and method under the sun. I educated myself and became a certified coach, EFT Practitioner and mastered the art of several tools, techniques. I created my own special blend and style to get results quickly.


  • What to Eat
  • How to Eat
  • When to Eat

Some people see results in just one session, others have more baggage, beliefs or trauma that keep them from succeeding a 100%.  However, I have seen that a little understanding and the right tools goes a long way in helping people get free from the food.

  • Take Tina for instance.  She asked me a few weeks after a session, Rose, “What did you do to me?” She said she just did not desire desserts at all. She went on to lose 25lbs!
  • Alison was baffled at how the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups were still stashed in her desk, but yet she had not touched them since our session.  A miracle she said.
  • Keryn lost her desire for Carl’s Jr. In fact she lost her desire for any and all fast food.
  • The list goes on an on…

If this is you, and you have struggled like me, it is time to cut to the chase and figure out what your solutions are.

Let’s Talk! It’s Free and I am here to help.

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My IDEAL WEIGHT feels great!

Rose Black, The Food Freedom Expert

Owner of Winning Changes